How We Started

At the inception of 17 With Life, we were an organization with big plans. It all started with an idea we all knew Philadelphia needed. Now our presence is known in our community with all of our works. We started with nothing, and now we have an army of soldiers for justice marching with us.

17 With Life Documentary

We support the youth of Philadelphia with the tools necessary to be productive and positive citizens. 17 With Life is dedicated to having a lasting impact on our communities for many years to come.

Our work

17withlife has been on the frontlines, fighting to bring a positive presence to the city. Focusing on the city’s needs concerning GUN VIOLENCE AND BETTER PREPARING THE YOUTH.

Boots on the ground marches

Food, clothing, and supply giveaways

The Gui-Nance program

Mentoring and counseling

“We went through all the trials & tribulations of prison. And want to let the youth know this is not the way”

– Nasir Shawqi (Founder) –

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