We are a Philadelphia-based non-profit and civil servant organization that assists and guides the youth.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to reshape, rehabilitate, and stabilize the mindsets of the youth in the Philadelphia area. We use our experience of growing up in the streets to fuel our hands-on approach. Our city is under siege and in desperate need of the NOW factor! And that’s what our non-profit brings to the Philly youth the DO IT NOW FACTOR!

“We went through all the trials & tribulations of prison. And want to let the youth know this is not the way”

– Nasir Shawqi (Founder) –

What We Do

We support the youth of Philadelphia with the tools necessary to be productive and positive citizens. 17 With Life is dedicated to having a lasting impact on our communities for many years to come.

Our Services

Our organization has many services that facilitate positivity and mental stability. Some of which include:

Boots on the ground marches
Food, clothing, and supply giveaways
The Gui-Nance program
Food, clothing, and supply giveaways

We work to prevent young men and women from making the same mistakes that we’ve made.

Get Involved!

As 17 With Life proceeds with “POSITIVE, POSITIVE, POSITIVE”. We urge the community to support the movement. We can’t do this alone! Join us in the long fight ahead!

All proceeds go directly to 17 With Life’s operating cost.

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